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The Honorable and Regaining One's Honor

If there's one thing that could easily destroy one's integrity, trust and loyalty, that's about not honoring a commitment.That's a hard lesson learned by the hardworking gentleman from Taguig, Alan Peter Cayetano.We've witnessed how a feisty Speaker would give a good fight up to the last end of his reign. That drama however, created the sudden rise to popularity and power of the gentleman from Marinduque, Lord Allan Velasco.He received warm support from the leaders in the House and the Filipino people who has no tolerance for a show of disrespect and dishonorable action.The 2020 battle between Alan vs. Allan.Finally it ended with a peaceful and graceful acceptance of Alan Peter Cayetano.That's just a week-time blockbuster scene of Cayetano's clinging to power; declaring his resignation, gaining House support for a continuous leadership, and moving for a month-long suspension for the deliberation of national budget.A dangerous move...We, the Filipino people …

ABS-CBN and the Power of A2Z

After several months of ABS-CBN shutdown on free TV, finally we're surprised by the most powerful TV network deal of the decade.
That was a clever move ever! We didn't expect it! And now you've given hope and revived our Filipino spirit. 

Our prayers materialized and it's a Divine gift of bringing back our voices... Of bringing back our enthusiasm... Our smiles... Our hopes and dreams...
Yes, you've made it happen to bring back what was lost and deprived of the majority of the Filipino people. The times when we lost our smiles and replaced with sadness. The times when we lost our energy and replaced with fears. The times when we lost our resilience and replaced with doubts and uncertainty.
Yes, we were left uncertain of what's gonna happen next when ABS-CBN was denied of a much deserved Congressional franchise renewal.
And this is for you dear Congressmen who never listened and continued with your vested interest. You never represented the voices of your constituent…

Duterte, Pulse Asia, and the False Rating

Record high trust rating at 91% by none other than, President Duterte. The most popular ever. Incomparable and unbeatable. He won again! This time the trust and confidence of the Filipino people.They survey was done by whom? Was it by Facebook commentaries? Naah!Done deal survey by Pulse Asia. Sad to say, but majority can't comprehend how they came up with an all-time high rating of 91% with all these blunders and bloopers in Covid-19 response... With the survey conducted in mid-September 2020.There's a lot of mismatch on the survey result and the real-life happening -- the present Covid-19 reality.Top 1 Covid-19 cases in South East AsiaFirst, we broke the record of Singapore, and then by Indonesia. We're now the fist place in South East Asia.It's clear that the respondents of the survey doesn't care about the Government's response to the present health crisis; the pandemic.Anyway, there are other countries worst than the Philippines. With the USA on the lead ha…

DepEd's Mission and the Struggles of Distance Education

How does it feel like to have graduated or finished a school year without marching on a school stage; with parents cheering and teary-eyed on their children's academic success and victory. That was supposed to be the final moment of academic fulfillment, and the commencement to a higher level of learning.For college graduates, that's supposed to be a preparation time for board exam, and for others, a welcome to an entry-level work.  Instead of a formal moving up and graduation events in school, what we've witnessed are virtual ceremonies. No sweet smiles... No crying moments. Just a virtual reality.The Covid-19 pandemic had stolen such precious and memorable moments of the learners, instead it was replaced with fears, anxieties and uncertainties of what lies ahead.After several months of academic freeze and delays of school year opening, the Philippine Department of Education is now ready for the official opening of school year 2020-2021, with 24.72 million enrolled public …

Betrayals and the Sweet lies of term-sharing deal

Time has come for a shift of power. That's just a half-life of full term power as the Philippine House-Speaker.Looking back, the July 2019 Presidential brokerage deal for the next House Speaker made us believe on the veracity of gentleman's agreement. That was a firm handshake; a powerful deal for the fourth most powerful Government position.A little fast forward to September 2020, and here we are with the political drama happening in the House of Representatives. With hundreds of political allies backing up the continuous House Speaker leadership of Alan Peter Cayetano and not to honor the term-sharing deal with the unpopular gentleman from Marinduque, Lord Allan Jay Velasco.The term-sharing deal brokered by the President may lead to unending chaos and a ripple of political drama in the House. With that uncontrolled scenario, the President would rather be 'hands off' for him not to be blamed for the chaos created by the deal he brokered.It's the 2020, Alan vs. All…

The PNP, AFP, and the Troll Armies

To serve and protect. That's the tagline of our mighty men in uniform; our great defender against various threats, violence and harassment. They are dignified men showing bravery and resilience. They are our protector... Our heroes...
What happens when the so-called defender and protector of the state are involved in allegations of political biases in social media on which they are expected to be displaying apolitical stance?
Our great men in uniform has been leveraging the power of social media for years already and it's a great tool for them to disseminate information to the public. It's a digital platform on which they could update their heroic activities which are truly commendable.
When social media gain popularity, it has become our lifestyle. We read our daily news updates through Facebook and Youtube. We read and share our commentaries on the news feed. We now have the capability to do Facebook live -- reporting events as it happens.
That's the power of social medi…

The UN and in Defense of President Duterte

Finally! We've seen and heard about President Duterte on his first appearance on the 75th United Nations General Assembly.That was the most presidential gesture I've seen of the President on the world stage of revered leaders on the community of nations -- the UN.That was a recorded speech, but he showed confidence, courage and humility to speak to the great world leaders and to the Filipino people.The West Philippine SeaAt last, we've heard him speak about the UN Arbitration ruling of 2016 in favor of the Philippines for the coveted West Philippine Sea; Philippine territorial waters - Exclusive Economic Zone.After all, we're not fully in allegiance with China. We can be just friends purely for economic partnership and cooperation.Yes, the President may have weighed in about his policies towards China, that despite of the bullying on the Philippine waters by the Chinese intruders, still President Duterte seem not to care about it, until he made a grandstand before the …

The Dangers of Manila Bay White Sand

Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Miami beach in Florida, USA and ...
Manila Bay White Sand in the Philippines?
They say that those man-made beaches have one thing in common...
It's an artificial beach nourishment made of dolomite.
Not a real white sand like the world-famous Boracay, but an artificial sand that could be easily washed away by rising sea level and stronger storm surge whenever a strong typhoon hits the country.
The Philippines as a Pacific Island has suffered the most natural disasters and is one of the most disaster-prone countries due to the effects of climate change. 
Climate change is real and we have all witnessed its devastating effect from Ondoy to Yolanda. That was just a recent past, but memories are haunting us everytime we hear about an incoming weather disturbances like a super typhoon.
With continuous heavy rainfall caused by Habagat or any weather phenomenon, will the Dolomite sand be safe from not being washed away? 
How could we afford to maintain ref…

The New Manila Bay Sands

Miami beach, Copacabana Beach, Marina Bay Sands and... Manila Bay Sands?

Wow! The Philippines is becoming one of the coolest beach cities in the world.

Truly a world-class and ambitious urban coastline development by turning the natural black sand into an attractive, but artificial white sand, which is a crushed Dolomite rocks from the Mountains of the Island-Province of Cebu.

And so, after all, it's not really a natural white sand like the world famous Boracay Island beach that the Philippine government envisioned of the Manila Bay.

Some environmental groups including the Department of Health have expressed their sentiments about various health hazards that the project will potentially cause.

Some of our Government leaders, environmental activists and concerned citizens have also expressed their strong opposition about the White sand project, which they say is untimely and insensitive since we are currently facing our toughest battle of Covid-19.

Are we for the beautification of ou…

Philhealth Corruption and the New Chief

Never get sick. That's the best wish we could give to the newly appointed President and CEO of Philhealth; the State health insurance company of the Philippines.

Dante Gierran, the former Director of the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is the new face of Philhealth, who is trusted by President Duterte; his great fellow from Davao.

Dante Gierran is highly optimistic that he could make a difference in solving the current and controversial issues faced by Philhealth. Issues like illegal and questionable release of Philhealth funds during this time of Pandemic.

Just a whistle blow away and boom! Everything is exposed about the alleged anomalies.

Who is the most affected by the issues after all?  Will it be resigned and former Philhealth President and CEO Ricardo Morales, who is suffering from health condition? Will it be the other high ranking Philhealth officials? 

Surely not them! but none other than the ordinary Filipinos -- the working class.

The working Filipinos have…

Converting Farmland into Subdivision

Farmland conversions. This is becoming a game for the rich and the Oligarchs in the Philippines.

Those who have vested interests, the power, and the massive wealth can always make it happen.

And so today, once again we hear from our Philippine Senator, Cynthia Villar, on her opening statement for the Senate hearing on the state of dairy industry that "farmlands converted into housing and factories are not that bad, but in fact can be good in our economy."

Senator Cynthia Villar is the Senate Committee Chairman on Agriculture and at the same time has business interests in real estate development in the entire Philippines. Her company, Vista Land is into property development and retail industries that's a conflict of interest in her current Senate chairmanship.

We can't forget the 'Rice Tariffication' law which she sponsored and authored that killed the livelihood of our rice farmers considering the low market price of rice produce due to the massive importation…

Press Freedom in The Philippines

This is another attack on the Philippine press freedom. The Philippines is crippled and crushed again. The Filipino people is saddened and mourning.

Today is another history of killing the press freedom in the Philippines when the country's largest television network won't be given its 25 years congressional franchise.
This is not right and just. The Philippine Congressmen on legislative franchise committee didn't hear the network and the Filipino people in general. That's the truth. They killed it. They killed us. They killed the press freedom and  people's access to vital news and information on these very tough and rough times.
When the country is currently surviving on the pandemic, the government is losing its priorities. They turned around and face the wrong enemy. They have tuned the battleground against its own people.
We don't deserve this. We deserve accountability from our government for suppressing press freedom and even the freedom of speech of the …

Universal Health Care For All Filipinos

It was in August 2018 that I experienced to queue to pay for the annual Philhealth contribution of my sister and her family and I was glad to see hundreds of people who were there to invest for health insurance in exchange for a good Healthcare benefits offered by the agency.  
As a Healthcare worker, I have pledged not only for the healing of the sick people but also to become an advocate for health promotion and prevention. That time as I was seated on a chair to wait for my priority number to flash on the screen, I had a realization that people no matter their economic status are now becoming more aware of the advantages of having a healthy family that is free of illnesses and diseases and becoming a productive contributor in the society. 
But how about those individual or families who have no access to basic healthcare due to economic hardship? They may feel ineligible and intimidated for their Healthcare rights and they remain to be vulnerable to health crisis and health threat. 

The Voice of the Filipino Farmers

The Philippine Agriculture was once a very promising sector in its excellence in providing sufficient agricultural products to every Filipinos through active and strategic partnership between our farmers and the Government. 
We were an agricultural leader in Asia back then and our Agricultural Scientists used to share their expertise in rice farming to other Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand.

I remember back in the late 80's when we used to play by throwing muds in the newly plowed rice field just after the harvest season; the time when rice farming was the major source of livelihood of most families in our town. Whenever we visit other barangays from the town center, we get to breathe in fresher air passing through the green field of newly planted rice during the planting season, while during dry season just before the harvest in March or April, the field turns into a beautiful golden brown grains of rice.

Those were the days when rice farming was a robust industry and highl…