Who Killed Christine

The new year 2021 brought us a new level of hope and ecstacy, that finally we bid farewell to the pains and sufferings of the year 2020.

That's all we thought. But, the new year was a bang! 

We're greeted with a sad news about rape with murder of a Flight Attendant in a hotel in Makati as the country and the world celebrated the new year.

Well, that's the initial findings and pronouncement of the PNP and was believed by the mother of the victim, and including us.

Other people including celebrities and netizens were quick to condemn the incident and called on the perpetrators about the rape issue.

Then the PNP declared "case closed" real quick when the suspects were identified and later on surfaced to answer the allegations of crime. Those suspects who came out are the closest friends of the victim and some of them belong to a high profile family; as the son of a known celebrity and businessman.

We've all believed that it was a rape with murder case, until the suspects appeared for a press conference and the non-stop interrogation by the media. They were trying to clear their name and protect their reputation. 

No rape had happened. That's contrary to the initial report from the Medico-legal pointing out that the victim may have been raped, and the PNP was firm to conclude that it was indeed a rape-slay case.

The suspects cried foul, saying that they are innocent and they fear for their lives for the bounty placed on them. 

With the support of their families and lawyers, they are able to make a detailed story of what really happened -- their version of the story.

So far, we've heard the side of some suspects, but others are still hiding and were given an ultimatum to come out, or else the PNP will have to use force if needed.

We've seen the emotions of a grieving mother of the victim. She may still be in denial that she had lost a daughter.

Christine or Tine as they call her was a young and sweet daughter; a pretty lady who's yet to explore the world. The CCTV footage made us think that she's happy and ecstatic to be with her friends and acquaintances in celebrating the new year.

Was she raped? Was she killed? Or is her death of a natural cause?

There's a version of the story that the victim was embalmed prior to the Medico-legal. How could it happen? That could possibly washed out or alter the evidences.

Then another medical examination was ordered, as if the first one wasn't enough or erroneous.

There's something wrong with the way investigations are done with death-related crimes. Do we have the best forensic experts in the country? or could the Medico-legal be altered to ones favor?

Both mothers of the victim and the suspects were calling for the help of the President. And that's to give justice to Christine and a for a fair trial for the suspects.

Mothers from both sides would cling to the highest power of the land, for justice.

Is the justice only for the victim? Or is it also for the wrongly accused? When both camps are crying for justice, where would this case lead to? How would the President interfere and in favor of whom?

The CCTV footages are not enough. There must be a version of truth that's yet to be revealed sooner.

Who are the guys in the room 2207? And how are they related to the guys in room 2209?

What's the real identity of the guys in the mystery room?

Why is it that only the guys in room 2209 have surfaced to clear their names and not yet from the other guys on the adjacent room?

So now, how could they disprove the first Medico-legal that was the basis for the PNP to proclaim a rape-slay case?

One thing is for sure, that a crime can happen when there's intoxication related to alcohol and illegal drugs. And anything could happen no matter the relationships are; sometimes even ones' own family member become a victim of a sad fate.

Even ones' gender doesn't absolve someone from a crime. Hence, a rape can happen regardless of the sexual identity of the perpetrator.

Another thing is, who has the real jurisdiction in solving the crime? Is it the PNP? the NBI? the DOJ? or the President?

The case of Christine is the saddest story on the start of the year 2021. People can't get over yet since we all have sisters, daughters, nieces and grand daughters, and we protect them at all costs. Same as we all have mothers who's in deep pain as to whatever may happen to their kids. We feel their pains and sufferings, and just like them we would want to know the truth and seek justice.

Who killed Christine?

We don't know yet. But one thing is for sure, that alcohol and drugs can kill. And that anyone can kill even without their knowing.

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  1. Paningin ko po ay yung sa alak talaga ang my naglagay ng kung ano ano sa 2207. Justice for my kababayan!

    1. If her friends would just make a cover up of their lapses, then their conscience will hunt them for long...


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