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Who Killed Christine

The new year 2021 brought us a new level of hope and ecstacy, that finally we bid farewell to the pains and sufferings of the year 2020. That's all we thought. But, the new year was a bang!  We're greeted with a sad news about rape with murder of a Flight Attendant in a hotel in Makati as the country and the world celebrated the new year. Well, that's the initial findings and pronouncement of the PNP and was believed by the mother of the victim, and including us. Other people including celebrities and netizens were quick to condemn the incident and called on the perpetrators about the rape issue. Then the PNP declared "case closed" real quick when the suspects were identified and later on surfaced to answer the allegations of crime. Those suspects who came out are the closest friends of the victim and some of them belong to a high profile family; as the son of a known celebrity and businessman. We've all believed that it was a rape with murder case, until the