Duterte Mentality and the Police Brutality


I've watched the video and you may have watched it too. A simple confrontation that ended with a big bang over two heads of an innocent Mother and son. 

The Mother was seen to have a tight embrace, trying to protect her son from immediate danger. That was a Mother's love and care. That was a Mother's instinct. And in very brief moment, they got shot and they're dead.

It's a sad start of holidays for the Filipinos. We may not have lost a very special person or a hero, but we have lost two lives; a loving Mother and her son, in the hands of a Father and daughter tandem.

We got emotional and very angry on the sad fate of the Mother and son, and we're quick to condemn the actions of the Father who's a policeman and her spoiled daughter whom have triggered the situation to have ended in bloodshed.

That's gruesome! That's double murder!

A Police officer must have higher sense of self control and observe maximum tolerance at all times. A good Police officer must serve and protect. Not to be triggered easily and not a license to kill somebody.

We have so many great men in the PNP who's serving well with highest honor and integrity. However, with the recent shooting incident that resulted to killing of two lives, it has given a bad name and reputation to our great men in uniform; to our Police forces.

It is but right to defend a colleague. It is but right to be on the side of a fellow. But, it is but right to uphold human rights and the rule of law.

A criminal mind is our biggest threat nowadays. It's not easily recognizable, but we can be sure where they are, who they are, and whom their masters are.

With the killings here and there, who's the real master mind? Who's instilling the mindset of killing spree and giving an assurance of protecting them?

President Duterte's mentality is to protect the citizenry against the bad guys on the street. He wanted to regain the streets to become much safer to everyone. He has zero tolerance for drug users, pushers and cartels. And so, his drug war has caused the killings of these unwanted people in the society.

President Duterte's mentality against criminality may be his best or worst legacy, but he's in no way in total control over the bad intentions and deeds of his men.

The President may have instilled the killing mentality and we're either benefiting or endangering our society without his knowing. 

Today, we may ask ourselves. Who's our real defender? Our protector? Who's the real enemy? Who's the real terrorist?

We may know the masters; the culprit! But, this has to stop! This must come to an end. 

We deserve a society free from harm and danger. We deserve a leader who'll guide us towards the right path and with a higher moral compass. We deserve a state protector who's willing to die for us, and not to kill us. We deserve the best and not the beast. We deserve peace of mind and not rest in peace. 

In these times of a troubled society, we rise up against criminality and impunity. We rise up against killing spree. And so, we protect our society to achieve a lasting liberty.

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