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Duterte Mentality and the Police Brutality

  I've watched the video and you may have watched it too. A simple confrontation that ended with a big bang over two heads of an innocent Mother and son.  The Mother was seen to have a tight embrace, trying to protect her son from immediate danger. That was a Mother's love and care. That was a Mother's instinct. And in very brief moment, they got shot and they're dead. It's a sad start of holidays for the Filipinos. We may not have lost a very special person or a hero, but we have lost two lives; a loving Mother and her son, in the hands of a Father and daughter tandem. We got emotional and very angry on the sad fate of the Mother and son, and we're quick to condemn the actions of the Father who's a policeman and her spoiled daughter whom have triggered the situation to have ended in bloodshed. That's gruesome! That's double murder! A Police officer must have higher sense of self control and observe maximum tolerance at all times. A good Police offic