VP Leni Versus Bongbong Marcos' Unlimited Loss

Leni Robredo has nothing to prove since her declaration of winning as the Philippine Vice President despite of the many false accusations and electoral protests against her.

VP Leni was chosen by the majority of the Filipino people to lead the country as the 2nd most powerful Government position. It's her destiny, and she has proven her worth with highest honor and dignity.

With the electoral protest of Bongbong Marcos, once again VP Leni won not only once, not only twice, but thrice.

No matter how hard they try to destroy VP Leni, still she's unbeatable and unbreakable. She's the mightiest VP in the Philippine history and always staying above the controversy.

VP Leni is the subject of a continuous disinformation campaign and malicious hate speeches by the paid trolls. She was was punched and crushed heavily, yet she's still strong, healthy and mighty. Her greatness truly emanates from within. With her strong conviction, she's still reigning like a true Queen.

Why is it so hard to accept defeat? Why is it so hard to accept the truth and the reality? 

Yes, Bongbong Marcos lost many times with his protest in the Supreme Court against VP Leni and he simply can't move on. How many more protest to be filed to prove his defeat?

I voted for Bongbong Marcos as a Senator because I believed that he's different than his parents. But then, I was awakened by the reality that I'm not giving justice to the thousands of Filipinos who were the victims of human rights abuses during his father's rule.

And with the conviction of her mother, Imelda Marcos for a graft case, I have made the right choice that I didn't vote for Bongbong Marcos in 2016 election. 

I'm happy to have voted and supported VP Leni Robredo. She brought light and hope to the Filipino people. She's doing the right thing and her light shines from within.

With the recent calamities, Bongbong Marcos should have focused on helping the affected people instead of wasting his energy on tireless and endless filing of electoral protest. That's the essence of a true public servant. Being visible to the call and cry for help of the Filipino people in times of calamity.

Bongbong Marcos may file a thousand electoral cases against VP Leni, but the result wouldn't be on his favor. He may just suffer more from his unlimited loss.

VP Leni has shown to us what true and compassionate leadership is, and she remains humbled by the overwhelming support of the Filipino people.

VP Leni has the genuine love and service to the Filipino people. She's just unstoppable and that makes her admirable and lovable.

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