Typhoon Ulysses and VP Leni Please


We Filipinos are suffering from the worst effect of a natural calamity. From the super typhoon Rolly in the Bicol Region; the severe flooding in Marikina and Rizal Province; and just recently, a sad fate from a massive flooding brought by typhoon Ulysses in Cagayan Valley Region.

Thousands of families have not yet recovered from the recent onslaught of  super typhoon Rolly, yet we're now seeing another Region submerged in water.

For such unexpected event, the Cagayanos were almost left drowned and dying when the rest of the Filipinos were asleep peacefully on the evening of Friday the 13th until the dawn of the 14th of November.

The people of Cagayan Valley is crying for help. Little children were reported to be almost carried away by the heavy current of flash floods. We heard not much report, but the first to respond is our Vice President, Leni Robredo.

VP Leni was fully awake to hear and respond to the cry for help of the Cagayanos. She collaborated with the proper agencies to mobilize rescue operations. She was on a command to lead our Government rescue team when others were sleeping and clueless of what's happening.

VP Leni is on top of the situation. She was there, when nobody else was from the national government. She was a lone voice to represent the national government when the rest were comfortably asleep.

In these times of natural calamities, we need a leader who's truly a Commander-in-Chief. Someone who's on time and never late. Someone must be in full command and in control of the situation.

In these times of crises, we don't want to hear lame excuses, insensitive jokes, cursing, laziness and tardiness. 

Time is essential during a calamity and every second counts. Every lives matter.

When our topmost leaders are nowhere to be found, we suffer. And so we Filipinos shouldn't depend much, instead we put our palms together, to kneel and pray and take action to survive. 

When the Cagayanos were praying for help, VP Leni delivered the first action. She has the compassion to listen to the cry of the people. That's the kind of President we wish to have. A leader with a heart and soul for selfless service to the people.

Yes, we Filipinos are resilient. With the number of damaging and deadly typhoons every year, surely we learned to adapt and to survive. However, we can't rely on too much resiliency. Our government has to step up for a better crisis management in times of natural calamity.

We can't just cry for help everytime we're hit by a calamity. 

Do you remember the cry for environmental justice of former DENR Secretary Gina Lopez? The massive deforestation caused by illegal mining was pointed out by her to be one of the main reasons why we're having massive flooding recently.

If only our Government would care about environmental protection and restoration, then there shouldn't be any illegal mining operations that's killing our forest reserves and preventing massive flooding.

A lot of flashbacks are happening in the consciousness of the Filipino people. These are the results of the wrongful actions of our Government. 

Do you still remember how the 70 Congressmen have voted not to renew the franchise of the ABS-CBN Network?

Now, the Cagayanos are crying for media coverage because they felt neglected and not well informed. They lack crucial news and informations about the recent typhoon Ulysses since the closure of the ABS-CBN Network group that delivers regional news and current affairs.

The time came when they needed the service of the ABS-CBN News, is the time when they are deprived of a much needed information.

Have they realized the ill-effect of their unlawful judgment?

In these difficult times, we need the power of media to deliver relevant and life-saving news updates. 

If the Congressmen in Cagayan Valley Region voted against the franchise of the ABS-CBN, then perhaps by now they have realized that they have killed their own people by depriving them of the news from the massive reach of the ABS-CBN.

They must listen and be a true representative of their people. The Cagayanos have spoken already that the ABS-CBN is a big loss to them.

For the Government funding, who has the lowest budget? The Office of the Vice President may not have a big budget as compared to other agencies, but VP Leni is able to deliver effectively.

Many people and organizations would give their support to her "Angat Buhay" which is her anti-poverty program which is also very much helpful on this time of calamity.

VP Leni is present and visible everyday. She's a woman of substance and courage. She's there to lead, bring the light and become a beacon of hope. She's not defeated, but her mighty personality and leadership is strengthened by her unwavering faith.

The Bicolanos, the Marikeños, the Manileños, the Rizaleños and the Cagayanos. Remember that there's always hope. That we can always rise up and regain our lives amidst the valley of tears.

With the mighty VP Leni, may her soulful desire for service creates a ripple of goodwill to other people.

Her compassionate and humanitarian service is what we all need today and beyond.

Together we stand.

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