Super Typhoon Rolly and the Mighty VP Leni

The Bicolanos are strong people. They have shown resilience despite the many typhoons that hit the region.

The Bicolanos are disciplined; they know the essence of disaster preparedness and have a sense of community. That's a commendable trait we can learn from them. 

Even before the super typhoon Rolly would hit the Bicol Region on November 1, 2020, we've seen how the Bicolanos and their local leaders would prepare. With clear communication and mobilization, they were able to achieve their goal in disaster preparedness and resilience, incomparable with the preparedness during super typhoon Yolanda in November 2013.

Super typhoon Rolly had a strength comparable to super typhoon Yolanda, but with good leadership and governance, the Bicolanos had a lower reported casualty of 22 deaths as compared to 6,340 deaths with super typhoon Yolanda.

The Bicolanos have learned from the devastation brought by super typhoon Yolanda, and so their disaster preparedness include early evacuation which is a life-saving action. 

Bicolanos know how to listen and follow...

The Island-province of Catanduanes was badly hit with the strongest typhoon signal number 5  leaving massive destruction to homes, properties and livelihood.

Despite of their sad fate, they're able to share their smiles and act with grace. They're one of the most resilient people I've known. I've never seen looting incident, but they patiently wait for any relief goods handed over to them. I've never seen shouting, verbal and physical abuses, constant complaints, and curses on their local leaders, but what I've seen is a calm demeanor and a kind plea for help.

With their 'bayanihan' spirit, they're able to make things happen without a demeaning and demanding attitude.

The Bicolanos are prompt in clearing operations of the streets making it passable for any relief operations coming from various local and national agencies.

However, the big challenge would still be the restoration of electric and communication lines which is very much important on the ongoing relief operations. Also, destroyed houses would have to be rebuilt, so the families could restart their lives after the calamity.

Bicol provinces like Albay and Camarines Sur were also hit by the destructive forces of super typhoon Rolly. Several houses in Albay were buried by the 'lahar' mud flow as a result of the quarrying activity in the area. Houses in the coastal areas were destroyed and some people would stay on the roof of their houses due to severe flooding.

Vice President, Leni Robredo who is a Bicolano herself is the face of a resilient and brave Bicolanos. She has shown her compassion through her active visit to the typhoon-hit areas in her Region. She made an assessment of the situation and comforted the Bicolano people by providing their needs of food and shelter.

The Office of the Vice President is there to look after the needs of the people. Her presence is felf and her love to her own people is immeasurable. 

While other national leaders were absent and couldn't be seen, the Vice President was already in action. She was tirelessly working through active collaboration with other leaders. She made it sure to give her best support and help needed by the people from her Region. She is a woman of great leadership we wish our President can be. 

That's what we all need during these difficult times, a compassionate leader who's not hiding, but visible and in action. We need inspirational leadership to uplift and regain the lives of the people.

Vice President Leni Robredo is a woman of integrity and bravery. You may have never seen her crying, unlike the dramatic faces of other leaders, but she's true to her service;  with her commitment to the Filipino people.

It may take time to rebuild the lives of the Bicolanos, but with the help of the Vice President, they can be assured that the government is there to look after their welfare and wellbeing. 

That's the mighty Vice President, Leni...

Courage... Compassion... Integrity and Loyalty...

©️ 2020 iCritq PH


  1. We learned from the numerous typhoons that beaten up our region like the unforgettable ones: Rosing in 1995 and Reming in 2006. We're always been ready and prepared every time we were threatened by typhoons. Everyone here does not underestimate the forecasts and warnings. Other than PAGASA, our region is blessed to have a weather forecaster like Mr. Mike Padua who provides us several models and calculations and he has been working tirelessly to provide us an in-depth analysis of forecast and typhoon tracking.

    Our region had also prepared for Yolanda back in 2013 while the typhoon is posing threats to Bicol and Samar area. Those days were intense for us too because of the devastation of Reming in 2006. We don't want a repeat of Reming again.

    1. Let me share some light-hearted kind of stuff. This is kinda funny because after we left the storm shelter just minutes after the winds got tolerable, people were quick to ran off the streets in our area. Not because there's a rescue or relief goods coming in but to gather fallen pili nuts!


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