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VP Leni Versus Bongbong Marcos' Unlimited Loss

Leni Robredo has nothing to prove since her declaration of winning as the Philippine Vice President despite of the many false accusations and electoral protests against her. VP Leni was chosen by the majority of the Filipino people to lead the country as the 2nd most powerful Government position. It's her destiny, and she has proven her worth with highest honor and dignity. With the electoral protest of Bongbong Marcos, once again VP Leni won not only once, not only twice, but thrice. No matter how hard they try to destroy VP Leni, still she's unbeatable and unbreakable. She's the mightiest VP in the Philippine history and always staying above the controversy. VP Leni is the subject of a continuous disinformation campaign and malicious hate speeches by the paid trolls. She was was punched and crushed heavily, yet she's still strong, healthy and mighty. Her greatness truly emanates from within. With her strong conviction, she's still reigning like a true Queen. Why i

Typhoon Ulysses and VP Leni Please

  We Filipinos are suffering from the worst effect of a natural calamity. From the super typhoon Rolly in the Bicol Region; the severe flooding in Marikina and Rizal Province; and just recently, a sad fate from a massive flooding brought by typhoon Ulysses in Cagayan Valley Region. Thousands of families have not yet recovered from the recent onslaught of  super typhoon Rolly, yet we're now seeing another Region submerged in water. For such unexpected event, the Cagayanos were almost left drowned and dying when the rest of the Filipinos were asleep peacefully on the evening of Friday the 13th until the dawn of the 14th of November. The people of Cagayan Valley is crying for help. Little children were reported to be almost carried away by the heavy current of flash floods. We heard not much report, but the first to respond is our Vice President, Leni Robredo. VP Leni was fully awake to hear and respond to the cry for help of the Cagayanos. She collaborated with the proper agencies to

Super Typhoon Rolly and the Mighty VP Leni

The Bicolanos are strong people. They have shown resilience despite the many typhoons that hit the region. The Bicolanos are disciplined; they know the essence of disaster preparedness and have a sense of community. That's a commendable trait we can learn from them.  Even before the super typhoon Rolly would hit the Bicol Region on November 1, 2020, we've seen how the Bicolanos and their local leaders would prepare. With clear communication and mobilization, they were able to achieve their goal in disaster preparedness and resilience, incomparable with the preparedness during super typhoon Yolanda in November 2013. Super typhoon Rolly had a strength comparable to super typhoon Yolanda, but with good leadership and governance, the Bicolanos had a lower reported casualty of 22 deaths as compared to 6,340 deaths with super typhoon Yolanda. The Bicolanos have learned from the devastation brought by super typhoon Yolanda, and so their disaster preparedness include early evacuation w