The Honorable and Regaining One's Honor

If there's one thing that could easily destroy one's integrity, trust and loyalty, that's about not honoring a commitment.

That's a hard lesson learned by the hardworking gentleman from Taguig, Alan Peter Cayetano.

We've witnessed how a feisty Speaker would give a good fight up to the last end of his reign. That drama however, created the sudden rise to popularity and power of the gentleman from Marinduque, Lord Allan Velasco.

He received warm support from the leaders in the House and the Filipino people who has no tolerance for a show of disrespect and dishonorable action.

The 2020 battle between Alan vs. Allan.

Finally it ended with a peaceful and graceful acceptance of Alan Peter Cayetano.

That's just a week-time blockbuster scene of Cayetano's clinging to power; declaring his resignation, gaining House support for a continuous leadership, and moving for a month-long suspension for the deliberation of national budget.

A dangerous move...

We, the Filipino people felt betrayed... We felt being hostage with uncertainty. 

In return, we stood up to be heard and we called on the gentlemen to honor commitments before the President and the Filipino people.

That term-sharing deal may not be good after all. It divides the House, the nation and the lives at stake of the Filipino people.

Any chaos in government branches and offices doesn't do good and not for the betterment of the country and the people. A lesson learned for our leaders to always set aside political and personal interests in favor of true public services and good governance rendered to the Filipino people.

Never in the Philippine history that we've witnessed such a political plot in the lower House. Not until President Duterte came to power. He may have a control of the huge Legislative body, but the institution has to stand on its own without the Executive control and influence on his advantage.

Under President Duterte's administration, we've already seen the ouster of 2 House Speakers, with Alan Peter Cayetano as the latest one who had a dose of misfortune.

The House of Representatives must display a higher sense of independence as a co-equal body and not a direct reporting and kneeling officer before the Highest Executive power.

With the term-sharing deal and executive control, we the Filipino people are the end-losers. We don't gain much, but a victim of political conflicts leading to further crisis.

Now that we're still on the pandemic, thousands to millions of Filipinos are suffering. Any delays to the national budget will lead to further suffering, and we don't want that to happen.

We end up the suffering and start the healing...

While former Speaker Cayetano is working on regaining people's trust and confidence, he may have gained a valuable lesson in higher leadership. It may not be the end of his political career. He may learn to do better and do what is just.

With the new House leadership under Lord Allan Velasco, may the good Speaker be guided with a better political compass to direct the House with unity and harmony.

Together, as a nation of strong- willed people, we'll continue to support our leaders. We'll continue to speak up and let our collective voices be heard. We'll work together for a better nation -- for a brighter Philippines.

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