Duterte, Pulse Asia, and the False Rating

Record high trust rating at 91% by none other than, President Duterte. The most popular ever. Incomparable and unbeatable.

He won again! This time the trust and confidence of the Filipino people.

They survey was done by whom? Was it by Facebook commentaries? 


Done deal survey by Pulse Asia. 

Sad to say, but majority can't comprehend how they came up with an all-time high rating of 91% with all these blunders and bloopers in Covid-19 response... With the survey conducted in mid-September 2020.

There's a lot of mismatch on the survey result and the real-life happening -- the present Covid-19 reality.

Top 1 Covid-19 cases in South East Asia

First, we broke the record of Singapore, and then by Indonesia. We're now the fist place in South East Asia.

It's clear that the respondents of the survey doesn't care about the Government's response to the present health crisis; the pandemic.

Anyway, there are other countries worst than the Philippines. With the USA on the lead having the topmost number of cases and casualties. The US as an economic power and the world's most powerful country seem to be the weakest link in Covid-19 response. With that comparison, it's okay for a developing country that's leading in the ASEAN region. We're even too far away from hitting their current numbers. The US has more than 7 million cases, while the Philippines has only about more than 300 thousand cases and counting.

Besides, the Philippines has a low mortality or death rate, so we're doing better.

Is it? That may be the mindset of some Filipinos. That's their views. We can't change it anyway.

Top 20 Covid-19 cases in the World

We're now on the elite top 20! We'll, hoping that it's about economic ranking, but it's about the number of Covid-19 cases.

The Covid-19 is making us compete to the world power! It's a battle of supremacy!

But, we rather not compete on the battle of pandemic. Who's on the top isn't the best. Who's the top one is not the most powerful.

We see how powerful economies were defeated by developing economies. And this pandemic is a measure of the country's strength, motivation, readiness and will-power to defeat a common-enemy.

Our country, the Philippines is winning the battle for the top position, but we're not winning the battle to defeat Covid.

So, where are we now? 

It's not the end yet to lose the battle. We're still on a fighting mode despite of our current and best health response and initiatives. 

When our neighbor countries and the rest of the world have flattened the curve, we're not getting there yet. We're on a steady rise; on ups and downs.

Filipinos' Mismatched Outlook

So, this pandemic situation isn't the reason for Duterte's amazing rise of popularity. In spite of loss of jobs by several thousands to millions of Filipinos, the bankruptcy and closing of businesses, the continuing health threat and the unending poverty and uncertainty, still a higher trust is given to the President.

Let's take a look on its magical possibility...

Yes, it's possible to get more popular if you give something to people. For instance, give man a fish and he'll ask for more. Give man an apple and he will love you more...

Same as with the "Social Amelioration Program" on which most Filipinos especially the less privileged are hopeful. 

In times of pandemic, where economy is shutdown, people tend to ask for a share, people wait to be fed. And once its given, you'll be remembered and thanked a million times.

That's the essence of "Utang na loob" mindset or the debt of gratitude. It works well in politics, and so this pandemic has been a game of politics. Feeding the hungry tummy, and at times, if all else fail, feeding people's mind with lies, disinformation and manipulation. 

Well, in the recent Pulse Asia survey, how could it misled the people with possible lies and manipulation of the real and current situations.

The pulse of the people could be false after all.

The current data speaks it all. The people's sentiments in reality and on social media says it all.

Then, suddenly a big bang! 91% trust rating. with the remaining 11 percent undecided and distrust, for a total of 101 %  or is statistically correct?

The Reality

Until when shall we truly be awakened with the reality? Until when shall we be fed with lies and manipulation? 

When we allow to be fooled and be tickled with flattery, then we're still blind. All we can see is false greatness and false popularity.

May this not become a preview of the 2022 National election when majority of Filipinos rely on the last minute survey. Pulse Asia may not reflect the real pulse of the Filipino people. Let's stop the false sense of Filipino pride. 

Be heard, be bold, be enlightened!

At this time, we're still fighting, we're still surviving, until our day of awakening.

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