Betrayals and the Sweet lies of term-sharing deal


Time has come for a shift of power. That's just a half-life of full term power as the Philippine House-Speaker.

Looking back, the July 2019 Presidential brokerage deal for the next House Speaker made us believe on the veracity of gentleman's agreement. That was a firm handshake; a powerful deal for the fourth most powerful Government position.

A little fast forward to September 2020, and here we are with the political drama happening in the House of Representatives. With hundreds of political allies backing up the continuous House Speaker leadership of Alan Peter Cayetano and not to honor the term-sharing deal with the unpopular gentleman from Marinduque, Lord Allan Jay Velasco.

The term-sharing deal brokered by the President may lead to unending chaos and a ripple of political drama in the House. 

With that uncontrolled scenario, the President would rather be 'hands off' for him not to be blamed for the chaos created by the deal he brokered.

It's the 2020, Alan vs. Allan, House Speakership fiasco!

So what's the big deal?

This may be the first time in the Philippine history to have a Presidential brokered term-sharing House Speakership. This could be just a preview of the more political conflicts to come for the much aspired position or in any Government position. 

Going straight to the point; is term-sharing deal unconstitutional? Why is it becoming a choice between two political aspirants for a certain Government position?

Serving a half-life seat, followed by resignation, and then passing on the power for the fulfillment of a signed agreement. That's the deal of term-sharing.

A broken vow... A promise made to be broken.

It does happen, and here we are now watching the next episodes of the much awaited twists and turn of events in the Congressional hall.

Beyond prestige and legacy; what more could be the ulterior motive of staying in power by disregarding the term-sharing agreement?

Is this political drama keeping allies stay in their positions in the House of Representatives? 

Will there be any positions offered as a favor of loyalty?

House Speaker Cayetano is one of the brightest and most trusted ally of the President. He may have broken some promises like the ABS-CBN franchise-renewal, but this time, how could he break another promise? 

While Lord Allan Jay Velasco is eager to become the next House Speaker, his half-life term may still be uncertain.

How could we decode the next series of this political drama. The fight for House Speakership is getting more dramatic and intense.

Whatever it is, they have to know their priorities in the Congress. We're not even on the half-life yet of the Pandemic, and we may still be on a preview of a longer health crisis of the decade.

Whoever is the sitting House Speaker must lead to serve the Filipino people with full responsibility and accountability and not just half-life service. 

We need leaders who will honor their commitments to serve the Filipino people. A leader who shows courage, confidence, competence and compassion to lead us better on these trying times.

To Alan vs. Allan, we express our gratitude for your service. We don't give you only a half-life power, but the fullness of power is already in your hands. 

Just like the President, your legacy is what we'll tell to the next generations, and so your greatness starts on honoring promises not only to one, but for the millions of the Filipino people.

In the fight for the next House Speakership, may the best man win.

©️2020 iCritq PH


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