ABS-CBN and the Power of A2Z

After several months of ABS-CBN shutdown on free TV, finally we're surprised by the most powerful TV network deal of the decade.

That was a clever move ever! We didn't expect it! And now you've given hope and revived our Filipino spirit. 

Our prayers materialized and it's a Divine gift of bringing back our voices... Of bringing back our enthusiasm... Our smiles... Our hopes and dreams...

Yes, you've made it happen to bring back what was lost and deprived of the majority of the Filipino people. The times when we lost our smiles and replaced with sadness. The times when we lost our energy and replaced with fears. The times when we lost our resilience and replaced with doubts and uncertainty.

Yes, we were left uncertain of what's gonna happen next when ABS-CBN was denied of a much deserved Congressional franchise renewal.

And this is for you dear Congressmen who never listened and continued with your vested interest. You never represented the voices of your constituents you were supposed to represent. You've listened to nobody, but your own biases and twisted beliefs.

We couldn't forget how you played dirty tactics against the Philippines' largest and most powerful network. Those at the Congress - lower chamber acted with much revenge and power-play of what is unknown... Of what was proven to be false accusations... But just protective of someone's emotions. 

Yes, someone got hurt of what's considered as irrelevant and not of national interest at all, at the time when we're dealing with the onset of the pandemic. Also the times when many businesses are already threatened to close operations and thousands of people about to lose their jobs.

You protected not the interest of the millions of Filipino people, but the interest and the feeling of only one. You've added more injuries and insult to the existing crisis. You haven't really heard us, but you shut us down. You did! and you played it well...

You've never won! All the allegations thrown at ABS-CBN have no basis no matter how hard you try to crush the network. However, in the end you celebrated like a victorious cowards --with false sense of pride.

Thousands of the networks' valuable employees lost their jobs. Some of them were a loyal employees of several decades. And even those whom have made a big name weren't spared from laid off. Big or small names in the industry, doesn't matter in times of crisis...

Now, what's happening with the current leadership in the House of Representatives? We've seen unending fights for the game of thrones. The topmost leader of the House whom had given assurance for the renewal of ABS-CBN franchise is also the same guy who turned down his promise to honor an agreement of term-sharing. No word of honor -- A dishonorable.

Another broken vow...

Same style... Same gimmicks... Same tactics

We've learned to decode already their personalities and character and what more danger they could do to this nation.

Now that the ABS-CBN is making a comeback, we all rejoice, except for a few who wished for the network's downfall. 
What could be their emotions now that the network they cursed and crushed is emerging as a winner. Just unstoppable and unbeatable!

It's just a little milestone for ABS-CBN before they could get back what was lost. What's important is, they'll continue to be in the service to the Filipino people. 

You might be unprepared for your counter attack and you might as well got surprised. But, you couldn't make another big mistake. A treason is a betrayal of public trust, and so you shouldn't betray Filipinos by taking away our freedom and voices.

You were elected to serve us, but if you just serve based on political or personal interest, then we have our voices on the coming election. 

Political power is just temporary, because in the end, the power of the people prevails.

With the rebirth of ABS-CBN, the new powerful A2Z Network will be our temporary home on digital air until it goes back to its original home in the near future. 

A2Z will now become our trusted source of news, information and entertainment on these times of crisis. A network with a deep love of service to God and to the people. Truly a network in the hearts and in the service of the Filipino people.

©️ 2020 iCritq PH


  1. long live kapamilya forever.. ABS CBN.. sana tuloy tuloy na to! 🙏

  2. Kapamilya forever kami. Piro hindi kami mkkpnuod. Wlang cignal kasi dito sa davao. Mis na miss na namin . Sana tuloy tuloy nato. At sana my cignal na dito sa davao


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