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The Terrors of Anti-Terror Law

Terrorism must be condemned. That's becoming our fundamental duty as a lawful citizen of the Republic. With the rising occurrence of terrorist attacks, killing hundreds to several thousands of people, there's no mercy, but to face its consequence with fairness and justice.  That's the power of the Anti-Terrorism Law signed by President Duterte. Its primary intention is to identify, arrest and to penalize an individual or a group perceived to be an enemy of the state. However, some provisions on the 'Implementing Rules and Regulations' of the Anti-terrorism Law might be unconstitutional. With false perception and wrongful judgment, anyone can be unjustly accused before the jury of the  9-member Anti-Terror Council acting like a judicial court.   How is that constitutional? You'll be served a warrantless arrest with detention in jail for up to 14 days and a possible extension of 10 days for a total  and maximum of 24 days in jail without filing a single case in co

The Honorable and Regaining One's Honor

If there's one thing that could easily destroy one's integrity, trust and loyalty, that's about not honoring a commitment. That's a hard lesson learned by the hardworking gentleman from Taguig,  Alan Peter Cayetano. We've witnessed how a feisty Speaker would give a good fight up to the last end of his reign. That drama however, created the sudden rise to popularity and power of the gentleman from Marinduque,  Lord Allan Velasco. He received warm support from the leaders in the House and the Filipino people who has no tolerance for a show of disrespect and dishonorable action. The 2020 battle between Alan vs. Allan. Finally it ended with a peaceful and graceful acceptance of Alan Peter Cayetano. That's just a week-time blockbuster scene of Cayetano's clinging to power; declaring his resignation, gaining House support for a continuous leadership, and moving for a month-long suspension for the deliberation of national budget. A dangerous move... We, the Filipin

ABS-CBN and the Power of A2Z

After several months of ABS-CBN shutdown on free TV, finally we're surprised by the most powerful TV network deal of the decade. That was a clever move ever! We didn't expect it! And now you've given hope and revived our Filipino spirit.  Our prayers materialized and it's a Divine gift of bringing back our voices... Of bringing back our enthusiasm... Our smiles... Our hopes and dreams... Yes, you've made it happen to bring back what was lost and deprived of the majority of the Filipino people. The times when we lost our smiles and replaced with sadness. The times when we lost our energy and replaced with fears. The times when we lost our resilience and replaced with doubts and uncertainty. Yes, we were left uncertain of what's gonna happen next when ABS-CBN was denied of a much deserved Congressional franchise renewal. And this is for you dear Congressmen who never listened and continued with your vested interest. You never represented the voices of your constit

Duterte, Pulse Asia, and the False Rating

Record high trust rating at 91% by none other than, President Duterte.  The most popular ever. Incomparable and unbeatable. He won again! This time the trust and confidence of the Filipino people. They survey was done by whom? Was it by Facebook commentaries?  Naah! Done deal survey by Pulse Asia.  Sad to say, but majority can't comprehend how they came up with an all-time high rating of 91% with all these blunders and bloopers in Covid-19 response... With the survey conducted in mid-September 2020. There's a lot of mismatch on the survey result and the real-life happening -- the present Covid-19 reality. Top 1 Covid-19 cases in South East Asia First, we broke the record of Singapore, and then by Indonesia. We're now the fist place in South East Asia. It's clear that the respondents of the survey doesn't care about the Government's response to the present health crisis; the pandemic. Anyway, there are other countries worst than the Philippines. With the USA on t

DepEd's Mission and the Struggles of Distance Education

How does it feel like to have graduated or finished a school year without marching on a school stage; with parents cheering and teary-eyed on their children's academic success and victory. That was supposed to be the final moment of academic fulfillment, and the commencement to a higher level of learning. For college graduates, that's supposed to be a preparation time for board exam, and for others, a welcome to an entry-level work.   Instead of a formal moving up and graduation events in school, what we've witnessed are virtual ceremonies. No sweet smiles... No crying moments. Just a virtual reality. The Covid-19 pandemic had stolen such precious and memorable moments of the learners, instead it was replaced with fears, anxieties and uncertainties of what lies ahead. After several months of academic freeze and delays of school year opening, the Philippine Department of Education is now ready for the official opening of school year 2020-2021 , with 24.72 million enrolled pu

Betrayals and the Sweet lies of term-sharing deal

  Time has come for a shift of power. That's just a half-life of full term power as the Philippine House-Speaker. Looking back, the July 2019 Presidential brokerage deal for the next House Speaker made us believe on the veracity of gentleman's agreement. That was a firm handshake; a powerful deal for the fourth most powerful Government position. A little fast forward to September 2020, and here we are with the political drama happening in the House of Representatives. With hundreds of political allies backing up the continuous House Speaker leadership of Alan Peter Cayetano and not to honor the term-sharing deal with the unpopular gentleman from Marinduque, Lord Allan Jay Velasco. The term-sharing deal brokered by the President may lead to unending chaos and a ripple of political drama in the House.  With that uncontrolled scenario, the President would rather be 'hands off' for him not to be blamed for the chaos created by the deal he brokered. It's the 2020, Alan v