The PNP, AFP, and the Troll Armies

To serve and protect. That's the tagline of our mighty men in uniform; our great defender against various threats, violence and harassment. They are dignified men showing bravery and resilience. They are our protector... Our heroes...

What happens when the so-called defender and protector of the state are involved in allegations of political biases in social media on which they are expected to be displaying apolitical stance?

Our great men in uniform has been leveraging the power of social media for years already and it's a great tool for them to disseminate information to the public. It's a digital platform on which they could update their heroic activities which are truly commendable.

When social media gain popularity, it has become our lifestyle. We read our daily news updates through Facebook and Youtube. We read and share our commentaries on the news feed. We now have the capability to do Facebook live -- reporting events as it happens.

That's the power of social media. So powerful that everything happens on our fingertips-- within our reach.

Misuse or abuse to the access of these social media sites and networks are subject for terms of agreement and violations thereof.

It's still a privilege after all, not an absolute right and dependent on how we'd like to use it to our advantage.

With the network giant, Facebooks' decision to block and remove some of the Facebook accounts of the PNP and AFP, it has an effect on other social media users that it could also happen to ordinary people like us when we violate some of the networks' policies.

When a coordinated and inauthentic activities happen on Facebook, that could be the end of our privilege. No more more access to news feed, no updates of our daily activities, no more live reporting, and no more posting of our achievements and milestones.

With several Facebook accounts linked from Mainland China, they may be trying to influence the Philippines' political and electoral atmosphere.

Is China out to meddle on the 2022 Philippine national election?

What could we do to prevent them from meddling on our political affairs given than social media is now becoming an influential tool for candidates' electoral winning?

We couldn't imagine how to live without social media. If we're blocked, then we'll realize what life is like without it. 

If we, ordinary people loses access to social media, then how much more our people in the government? How much more our men in uniform -- the PNP and AFP.

There's no need for our government to hire and maintain troll farms and armies on social media. The government itself can defend of their leadership and governance. No need to pay for trolls out of people's money. The government won't do it just to feed lies and cover ups for failures, mismanagement and bad governance.

The present government is doing well in some of its mandates. It's not perfect, hence there are some flaws, but it can regain itself to become better, in order to to serve us better. 

It's not on the personality and character of our men in uniform to destroy their image and reputation to just becoming troll armies. That's not who they are. They are real armies, and not troll armies.

Yes! Social media has a big influence on our consciousness, since what we see, hear and read sometimes could easily be accepted as the truth without a much deeper trought or best judgment.

And so, when our men in uniform, other government agencies and political personalities would try to reach out to their social media followers, we instantly accept it. We become a fanatic... And we refuse to believe on allegations thrown at them.

What happens then, is that we become a blind follower. We don't express positive criticism, instead we become like an accomplice to the crime. We are part of the cover up operations to save them from public character persecution, in reality or on social media.

Somehow, we know how troll farm works and the behavior of the troll armies. We've been taught how to spot fake news and trolls. We believe they are not in any way a contributor to nation-building, but they're a massive group of destruction to the nation.

We don't support the operations of troll farms and troll armies in any ways. They're not suppose to be used as a tool of any government for disinformation campaign to deceive the public. 

Our men in uniform are standing still... Courageous and loyal to the country. Their loyalty is to the Filipino people. They continue to serve and protect with dignity and valor.

If in any way, allegations of troll farms and deployment of troll armies on social media is proven to be true, then it won't get the support of the majority, but only to those who have malicious intent for public deception. We don't want it, and it won't succeed. It's a cybercrime.

With the massive disinformation campaign on social media, Filipinos are now able to decipher the truth from fallacy; from deception to flattery; and from genuine to mockery. Filipinos on a digital age, now have a higher level of consciousness and enlightenment to fight and stand for the truth.

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