The New Manila Bay Sands

Miami beach, Copacabana Beach, Marina Bay Sands and... Manila Bay Sands?

Wow! The Philippines is becoming one of the coolest beach cities in the world.

Truly a world-class and ambitious urban coastline development by turning the natural black sand into an attractive, but artificial white sand, which is a crushed Dolomite rocks from the Mountains of the Island-Province of Cebu.

And so, after all, it's not really a natural white sand like the world famous Boracay Island beach that the Philippine government envisioned of the Manila Bay.

Some environmental groups including the Department of Health have expressed their sentiments about various health hazards that the project will potentially cause.

Some of our Government leaders, environmental activists and concerned citizens have also expressed their strong opposition about the White sand project, which they say is untimely and insensitive since we are currently facing our toughest battle of Covid-19.

Are we for the beautification of our urban bay waters? Are we ready to welcome the influx of local and foreign tourists for the new Manila white sand bay?

Who doesn't want an urban beach that is  clean and safe for swimming anyway?
But, with the current state of the Manila Bay, is it practical and necessary to fill in tons of white sand that can be easily washed away by a stronger storm surge?

Is it a wise spending of public funds, or are we just wasting our money which is supposed to be diverted to the poorest of the poor who are struggling to survive on this pandemic?

I'm not sure about the priorities of our present Government, but there is a need to regain the biodiversity and beauty of the Manila Bay without compromising the present Covid response.

We can make Manila Bay become more alive, but the people must have something to eat on the table on these very tough times. The priority shouldn't be on the 'artificial white sand project' but on the basic physiological needs of the people -- the food to eat.

There's nothing wrong with the Manila Bay rehabilitation and beautification project, but if it violates environmental laws and can compromise public health, then it's better to just make the water and the bay environmentally clean and safe-- even without the coveted white sand.

In recent years, we already experienced the harsh impact of climate change; with the continuous rise on the sea level, destructive super typhoons and storm surges. We have seen massive damages on Manila Bay brought by the destructive power of nature, and it revealed the unpleasant state of the Manila Bay.

The possible washed out of the white sand  back to the sea and the reappearance of natural black sand is just a nature's way. That's how nature works. It will always go back on its natural state.

There's also a greater possibility that the Dolomite sand would kill marine resources like fishes and corals that might endanger the livelihood of the fishermen. 

Let's not kill the livelihood of our fishermen just for the sake of the coveted white sand which is not safe and sustainable.

With the Government's projection of a fully restored Pasig river in the year 2032; connected to and benefiting the Manila Bay, we still have a little more than a decade more to go of cleaning up. Several years to go.

Two decades have passed already since the active rehabilitation and clean up of the Pasig River and Manila Bay and until now we're not done yet. Garbages are still washed out by big waves into the shore and even on the Boulevard. The bay area still has a stinky smell, and the bay still isn't safe for swimming.

Yes! We envision the future when the people in Manila and the Island of Luzon won't need to fly to Boracay Island to experience the finest white sand beach.

Yes! We deserve to have our own branding, the Manila Bay Sands, just like the Marina Bay Sands of our neighbor country, Singapore.

That's because, we have our very own, the New Manila White Sand Bay; the Manila Bay Sands. The pride of the Philippines -- the Pearl of the Orient Seas.

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  1. Filipinos are divided on the issue about the Manila Bay Beach nourishment by filling in tons of Dolomite artificial white sand.

    We all love our country and we show our concern by protecting and promoting it to the world. For me that's one of my contributions, as I constantly promote the Philippines through social media.

    We may not agree on everything about about the Philippine leadership and governance, but that's the essence of a democracy and we just have to respect on each other's views and opinions.

    Public dissent and constructive criticism is an exercise of our fundamental human rights and is essential in nation-building.

    Our loyalty doesn't belong to only one or to the President, but our loyalty is to the nation and the Filipino people.

    Too much fanaticism is a threat to democracy and is not good. We help the President and the government by giving a feedback in a form of a positive criticism.

    As a Filipino, if there's something good, we learn to praise and give our support, and if there's something we believe isn't right, then we oppose and that helps the government see the bigger picture and serve as a guide only if the government listen to its people.

    When someone gives their views and opinions, you may counter it with your argument in a pleasant manner, but not to malign, ridicule and utter some nasty and foul words. That's not good.

    I believe that the Government is listening, but shouldn't be just selective and must learn to accept criticism because it's not an acceptance of defeat. That is to show that the Government is for all and not just to a select few.

    We are not there to give a pat on the back at all times, we must also give a slap as a form of awakening to be aware of the present reality.


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