The Dangers of Manila Bay White Sand

Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Miami beach in Florida, USA and ...

Manila Bay White Sand in the Philippines?

They say that those man-made beaches have one thing in common...

It's an artificial beach nourishment made of dolomite.

Not a real white sand like the world-famous Boracay, but an artificial sand that could be easily washed away by rising sea level and stronger storm surge whenever a strong typhoon hits the country.

The Philippines as a Pacific Island has suffered the most natural disasters and is one of the most disaster-prone countries due to the effects of climate change. 

Climate change is real and we have all witnessed its devastating effect from Ondoy to Yolanda. That was just a recent past, but memories are haunting us everytime we hear about an incoming weather disturbances like a super typhoon.

With continuous heavy rainfall caused by Habagat or any weather phenomenon, will the Dolomite sand be safe from not being washed away? 

How could we afford to maintain refiling the washed out sand every time it hits natural disaster or calamity?

Are these possible scenarios being studied as part of Environmental Impact Assessment by the DENR?

Artificial beach or they call it beach nourishment. Is the Dolomite a good alternative beach sand?

Yes! The Ipanema beach in Brazil and the Miami beach in Florida is made of an artificial sand. But what makes them similar to the Philippines? Aren't they experiencing stronger forces of nature?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Miami Florida is also battling on the destructive effect of climate change with stronger typhoon/hurricane, storm surges and flash floods causing damages to its beach nourishment-- their artificial white sand beaches.

Dolomite artificial sand isn't ecologically safe as explained by Environmental Scientists, and it poses great risks in marine ecosystem.

The Philippines is one of the world's center for marine biodiversity and we are truly rich in marine resources, even the high coliform level - Manila Bay!

What only makes Manila bay different from Ipanema beach and Miami beach is that our Manila Bay is a rich source of fishing livelihood, and more fishermen depend their daily living on it. If Dolomites will destroy the marine ecosystem of the Manila Bay, there will be no more good catch of fish, but a floating dead fish on a Bay.

And now, we're dealing with the pandemic; the Covid-19. Isn't it that we're supposed to be safeguarding the health of the Filipino people?

Scientists and health experts have already relayed several health risks brought by dolomite sand...

Once inhaled or ingested, the Dolomite can cause respiratory ailment, skin and eyes irritation, stomach pain resulting from diarrhea and worst is cancer. 

We can't afford to get sick. Not on this time of pandemic! Not even after!

With several years already of Manila Bay rehabilitation and almost weekly clean up drive, still we haven't accomplished a swimmable Manila Bay, but have unending tons of floating garbage in the shore and the bay at large even without a typhoon and even just moderate rains.

With the polluted and blackish water, it will turn the artificial dolomites into black color when splashes and waves hits the shore. The white sand would then be mixed with the natural black sand. Such a waste of people's money. Have they studied on that possibility? It's a matter of time that it will happen.

Since the day of filling in tons of dolomite sand on Manila Bay and the days thereafter, more people both local and foreign are present to witness the gradual transformation from a natural black to an artificial white sand of Manila Bay's shore.

People are eager to see before their eyes that the seemingly impossible is now happening. 

Yes! I'll be there in Manila Bay too! But only to appreciate the stunningly beautiful natural view of the sunset, and not the dolomite white sand. I can't stand seeing a multi-million peso project that could be wasted and washed out. 

A few hundred meters stretch of artificial white sand already costs much from the people's money, with the total budget alloted amounting to 389 million pesos for the beach nourishment project.

That's a lot for an artificial and superficial beautification!

Acts of Nature? It can't be washed out? We're not in control, but the destructive forces of nature surely can. As a typhoon-hit country, we have to anticipate sea level rise and coastal flooding, and that is not new with Manila Bay in recent years' devastating effect of stronger typhoons.

With the lack of Environmental impact study, improper garbage and industrial waste management, presence of urban poor settlers near the bay and esteros, and bad fishing habits, still we can't be ready for a white sand Manila Bay.

We can't be truly happy to see an artificial white sand when in reality, it could endanger the marine ecosystem and kill the marine life. We can't be happy if someone might get poisoned or sick caused by the Dolomite sand.

We don't support further land reclamation project in the Manila Bay since the rising level of the sea will lead to severe flooding and disastrous untoward disasters.

We're not only damaging the Manila Bay ecosystem, but also the source of these tons of crushed Dolomite rocks from the town of Alcoy in the Island-province of Cebu. 

Just imagine the worst effects of continuous Dolomite mining not only to the ecosystem, but also the livelihood and health of the people living in the area.

With this project, the biggest question is...

Is it suitable? Is it appropriate? Is it necessary to have a dangerous dolomite sand? or shall our objective must be a clean, safe, swimmable and natural Manila Bay; bringing back to its glory days...

We just can't hide the real environmental issue confronting the Manila Bay. The dumping of  dolomite sand just focuses on its aesthetic appearance rather than the real and sustainable rehabilitation. We may fast track the rehabilitation by a cover up of the existing problem, but nature will always uncover the reality and its hidden dangers. It is! and it surely will.

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  1. DDS wont hear u. Basta may nagagawa ok na. Nag eeffort daw ang current admin kesa nung nakaraan. Appreciate na lang daw ang effort. Dati daw madaming basura.

    Mga napaka babaw na dahilan. Appreciate the 390 million peso waste. Walang environmental impact assessment. Heck they cant even coordinate with LGU cebu. Kita mo reactions ng mga DDS kahit sampal mo ung facts from various sources eh ang portante busog ang mata. Sabagay mga inosente talaga pag dating sa mga ganyan. Nakarinig ng white sand beach sa manila bay tuwang tuwa eh di naman naturally occuring yan. Propaganda tool ang kinalabasan.

    1. Theres a big difference between bays and open seas.. if someone knows what's the opening distance of Manila Bay between Cavite and Bataan he may characterize the danger that it may concure during calamities between a bay and an open sea.

  2. And a sad reality, sir. The fact that they could not counter facts with facts but with ridicule and fouls words is already a sad reality in this country. Let us keep hoping that something better will be done before the marine ecosystem in the area will be destroyed totally.


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