Philhealth Corruption and the New Chief


Never get sick. That's the best wish we could give to the newly appointed President and CEO of Philhealth; the State health insurance company of the Philippines.

Dante Gierran, the former Director of the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is the new face of Philhealth, who is trusted by President Duterte; his great fellow from Davao.

Dante Gierran is highly optimistic that he could make a difference in solving the current and controversial issues faced by Philhealth. Issues like illegal and questionable release of Philhealth funds during this time of Pandemic.

Just a whistle blow away and boom! Everything is exposed about the alleged anomalies.

Who is the most affected by the issues after all?  Will it be resigned and former Philhealth President and CEO Ricardo Morales, who is suffering from health condition? Will it be the other high ranking Philhealth officials? 

Surely not them! but none other than the ordinary Filipinos -- the working class.

The working Filipinos have entrusted Philhealth to be their health partner in times of health challenges; when they are sick, needs hospitalization and even when they are dying, they need Philhealth.

With the alleged corruption issues, someone has to clear the mess and regain the public trust to the Philhealth.

We give an apple to the new Philhealth President and CEO Dante Gierran. May it be his daily dose of medicine for the next two years, so he won't get sick just like resigned Philhealth Chief Ricardo Morales.

Dante Gierran admitted that he doesn't know about the operations of Philhealth and that he doesn't have a background on public health, but he will learn and do his best to make a positive change on his new position.

We'll give him a chance to prove himself, although he lacks the credential of holding a public health positions for seven years, as a requirement of his newly held position.

If Dante Gierran has proven himself to have done great as a former NBI Director, then he could possibly be effective and will not fail us on his promise of solving the issues confronting the Philhealth for the next two years and even beyond.

The Filipino people deserve justice if allegations of corruption is proven to be true. That's billions of hard earned money taken away from the Filipino people.

Go after corrupt Philhealth top officials. File a criminal case if there's enough and valid evidences. That way, we'll attain social justice and will regain public trust on the state insurance institution.

We need a great and inspirational leader that is truly pro-Filipino and who won't exploit and rob us -- of what is truly ours.

Let's welcome and remind Dante Gierran of his daily dose of Apple, so he won't get sick, and will keep the Doctor away. If he think he can be a hero to save Philhealth, then he will surely make it happen. 

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