The UN and in Defense of President Duterte


Finally! We've seen and heard about President Duterte on his first appearance on the 75th United Nations General Assembly.

That was the most presidential gesture I've seen of the President on the world stage of revered leaders on the community of nations -- the UN.

That was a recorded speech, but he showed confidence, courage and humility to speak to the great world leaders and to the Filipino people.

The West Philippine Sea

At last, we've heard him speak about the UN Arbitration ruling of 2016 in favor of the Philippines for the coveted West Philippine Sea; Philippine territorial waters - Exclusive Economic Zone.

After all, we're not fully in allegiance with China. We can be just friends purely for economic partnership and cooperation.

Yes, the President may have weighed in about his policies towards China, that despite of the bullying on the Philippine waters by the Chinese intruders, still President Duterte seem not to care about it, until he made a grandstand before the United Nations and the world leaders.

That was an act of courage and patriotism.

It's the ECONOMY!

We can't be at war with China! We don't have a defense with China! But, we can still be good friends with China!

Nobody expected it, that President Duterte would assert our winning against China about our territorial waters on the West Philippine Sea.

That's one thing we can be proud of the President!

However, actions speak louder than words. President Duterte is known to say things on the media, but does the other way.

His own Way! 

He may not honor his words, but he may give false promises or maybe surprises.

That could be his style that we've decoded.

Human Rights 

After 4 years, the world leaders heard about President Duterte's defense on his version of 'human rights' and that justifies his 'war on drugs' where thousands of suspected drug personalities were shot dead without any fair trial to defend oneself before the court.

That's not Human Rights, but a clear violation of it!

How could President Duterte talk about upholding 'human rights' when his government doesn't even welcome the entry of the UN Special Rapporteur in the country to investigate on the alleged human rights abuses and violations?

Yes! there are detractors on the 'war on drugs' because like any accusations, we're innocent unless proven guilty. Besides, there are collateral  damages for the killing of innocent victims who were falsely accused.

Remember the innocent child, Kian delos Santos?

His last words, "Sir, huwag po" as he pleaded. 

"Sir, please don't" 

That was heartbreaking to anyone who values human life -- innocent life.

Like Kian delos Santos, we don't want that to happen to other children or just anyone. It may happen to anyone as falsely accused and without any due process of law.

President Duterte may have talked about 'human rights' on his own vocabulary, but the human rights that we know seem not in synch with his definition.

The human rights of the Filipino people must be protected and respected and we demand accountability for the senseless and brutal killings; the so-called extra-judicial killings.

So what's human rights anyway? or let's decode his next action to know what it truly is, because it's on his actions that we caught his lies and bittersweet promises.


The Marawi siege was one of the most devastating and deadly modern wars that we may have seen. It caused massive destruction to properties and loss of of lives.

President Duterte's Anti-terrorism law strengthens our best defense against untoward extremism not only in Mindanao, but in the entire Philippines.

The Anti-terrorism law may have been contradicted by many groups as it may be used to silence critics who seem to express dissent, but just like any law, it can be misinterpreted or abused by the law enforcers.

In any way that the Anti-terrorism law violates the freedom of expression and press freedom like many people would say, then the history could repeat itself through the powerful voices of the people -- the people power.

Climate Change

The impact of climate change in the Philippines has been tragic and deadly. With the powerful natural calamities like super typhoon, storm surge and landslides, surely we can't defeat mother nature on its wrath.

President Duterte's stance on environmental protection against the impact of climate change is truly commendable. He may really care about our nature and environment and care about the future of the next generations.

We can't suffer more and so we fight the climate change.

The Covid-19 Pandemic

And here we are, still battling on the Covid-19. We may be doing well on our Governments' effort and we may be doing well globally if we based it on the health data.

President Duterte expressed his heartfelt condolences to those who lost their lives and recognized the selfless services of the frontliners.

He also expressed his heartfelt condolences to those Overseas Filipino Workers including seafarers who have lost not only their jobs, but have lost their lives far away from home.

The President is very much hopeful and reassuring about the vaccine which is his last best hope for the Filipinos. He called on the vaccine-maker countries to be altruistic by sharing it to the world.

Some people may not be satisfied with how the Government is delivering their best action on this pandemic, but who's prepared anyway?

Our neighbor countries in the South East Asia were able to contain and flatten the curve, but still the Philippines is on the top, and hopefully we'll survive this and surely we'll recover.

In defense of President Duterte, he may not be able to do it all with his power. We all need to participate and do our share as a citizen. He need us and he has to learn how to listen.

We've suffered a lot, but we'll rise up again. We believe that the President listen to its people. He has compassion to everyone and he has finally shown humility  to the Filipino people and the world on the community of nations -- the United Nations.

President Duterte's last 2 years in office is about regaining our strength... Our voices... Our dignity as Filipinos.

He's showing us all that things can be done, only if there's a will-power and an open and big heart for the service of the Filipino people.

President Duterte's positive outlook about the Philippines and the world gives us Filipinos a sense of pride, that we all have a collective voice and we need to help and strengthen each other to achieve our goal. 

President Duterte may not be the most charming Philippine President, but we have to support him for his great contributions in building this great nation. 

Our positive criticism is part of our democracy, and that is to help the President  succeed in his leadership and for the Philippines to succeed becoming a great country.

Our loyalty after all doesn't lie to the President of the Republic, but our loyalty remains to our country -- the Philippines and the Filipino people.

©️ 2020 iCritq PH


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