Facebook Versus the Network of Starving Trolls

True lies or troll lies? Which best describes the social media troll networks in the Philippines?

The hate speech and disinformation strategy is getting crumpled and crushed into pieces, by none other than...

The Facebook!

What made President Duterte rant and rave about the crushing down of several accounts linked to the PNP and AFP?

With President Duterte's statement of disgust against Facebook, we're all in danger of losing our voice on the social media.

It's not only our voices of dissent, but also sources of news and information and livelihood of Filipinos who depend on Facebook that is threatened to be taken away.

Hundreds of Facebook accounts used for disinformation and manipulation has been revealed and crushed down, which they denied at first, and finally admitted when pressured to tell the truth, just to justify their advocacy.

When the so-called, Facebook 'advocacy accounts' and pages turned out to be 'coordinated inauthentic behavior' then, isn't it supposed to be called fake accounts?

And how could President Duterte give support to fake accounts and strongly defended it from Facebook's decision of crushing it down?

Who's funding these network of trolls? Do we need to call for a Congressional hearing and investigation to uncover this massive scheme? If state funding of the troll networks is proven to be true, then that's a treason-- A betrayal against the Filipino people.

Everytime we express dissent on social media, these trolls would tend to personally attack using indecent and foul words.

These trolls couldn't stand with a meaningful expression of views and opinions, so they resort to hate speech.

Since 2016 National election, we've seen the widespread proliferation of disinformation campaign through memes, altered photos and false statements.

The peddlers of lies and disinformations are even appointed for a seat in the Government and continue to influence the social media through hate speech against critics and even against topmost officials who are critical of the Administration's leadership and governance.

The trolls seating in the Government enjoys the support of the President even if criticized for spreading of false information and hate speech.

We've already learned how to decode the online behavior of these trolls, including their intolerance and weaknesses for a valuable and intellectual commentary.

We don't want to rally on the streets, that's becoming obsolete! We now express disgust using the power of social media. They read it for sure. Either they listen and take it wholeheartedly, or deploy a troll army.

We have enough of 'true lies and troll lies' and we're defeating them to finally put an end to this senseless disinformation and malicious attacks against dissenting public.

What happens then if we defeat the troll network? 

We'll regain real freedom of expression when we express freely without an attempt of shutting us down. 

Without the troll networks, we'll have real news media to deliver valuable information about current events and political affairs.

Without troll networks, we can be sure that people's money won't be used to fund their massive disinformation campaign, if allegations are proven.

There's still hundreds or thousands of troll accounts attacking and polluting the social media. 

Don't be discouraged to speak your truth. Fight the trolls and give a powerful dissent of what you believe is right.

After all, we're living in democracy and won't allow anyone who will attempt to destroy it.

Facebook is now doing its cleansing against fake and troll accounts. They know better no matter how the troll networks and its supporters would justify their existence.

We won't allow the 2022 National election to be another victory for the troll networks and allies.

We won't allow Chinese troll networks to intervene on our political affairs and influence the 2022 election.

We would want a genuine leader elected by the people, and not through the influence of disinformation, hate speech and online manipulation.

With the awakening of the Filipino people and the Netizens, we can help to fight against disinformation campaign. We can make the social media become a troll-free online society.

True lies and troll lies versus the awakened Filipino people.

We're winning the battle. 

©️ 2020 iCritq PH


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