Converting Farmland into Subdivision

Farmland conversions. This is becoming a game for the rich and the Oligarchs in the Philippines.

Those who have vested interests, the power, and the massive wealth can always make it happen.

And so today, once again we hear from our Philippine Senator, Cynthia Villar, on her opening statement for the Senate hearing on the state of dairy industry that "farmlands converted into housing and factories are not that bad, but in fact can be good in our economy."

Senator Cynthia Villar is the Senate Committee Chairman on Agriculture and at the same time has business interests in real estate development in the entire Philippines. Her company, Vista Land is into property development and retail industries that's a conflict of interest in her current Senate chairmanship.

We can't forget the 'Rice Tariffication' law which she sponsored and authored that killed the livelihood of our rice farmers considering the low market price of rice produce due to the massive importation of rice.

We are now seeing more of Vista Land projects in the countryside and more properties to be developed for sure. Buying farmland from the farmers would really be a win-win in the eyes of our poor farmers, but in reality they lost it, and it made the rich become richer.

Yes, there's nothing bad about developing our state of agriculture and to adopt best technological practices just like in other countries that the Senator pointed out, but our country is unique and we are blessed to have an abundant and natural farmland that is cost efficient, accessible and profitable for the farmers.

In years to come, our farmers will be losing their farming livelihood due to manipulation, political control and greed of some of our leader that will heavily affect our state of Agriculture. This is not the kind of development we are aiming for, but this is the downside of future progress in expense of our farmers.

Senator Villar can do better in helping our farmers. She must truly represent the voice of the Filipino Farmers. She must be a true ally in Agriculture.

Protect our farmers. Be on their side. Help them raise and improve their living standards. Make them feel rich on their own farmland. That's how we can help them.

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