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The Tulfo Justice

When people's advise is "Ipa-Tulfo mo" or someone utters "Ipapa-Tulfo kita" that would mean instant justice or the 'Tulfo Justice'  that people think they deserve.

That would be the case for many Filipinos who would bypass the due process to seek the help of an instant justice on-air; a radio-show trial by publicity hosted by an influential Anchorman which has been a household name for helping thousands of oppressed Filipinos deprived of social justice and human rights.

The recent judgment of a radio-show, 'Raffy Tulfo in Action' which has gone viral and gained online outrage from Netizens is one of the negative side of seeking instant justice on this popular TV show.

That episode of Tulfo's show may have gone far and have caused damage to the reputation of the accused through false justice with the absence of judicial process on his call to action or outright judgment.

The teacher who was judged by Tulfo and favored the call of the parents fo…