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Universal Health Care For All Filipinos

It was in August 2018 that I experienced to queue to pay for the annual Philhealth contribution of my sister and her family and I was glad to see hundreds of people who were there to invest for health insurance in exchange for a good Healthcare benefits offered by the agency.  
As a Healthcare worker, I have pledged not only for the healing of the sick people but also to become an advocate for health promotion and prevention. That time as I was seated on a chair to wait for my priority number to flash on the screen, I had a realization that people no matter their economic status are now becoming more aware of the advantages of having a healthy family that is free of illnesses and diseases and becoming a productive contributor in the society. 
But how about those individual or families who have no access to basic healthcare due to economic hardship? They may feel ineligible and intimidated for their Healthcare rights and they remain to be vulnerable to health crisis and health threat. 

The Voice of the Filipino Farmers

The Philippine Agriculture was once a very promising sector in its excellence in providing sufficient agricultural products to every Filipinos through active and strategic partnership between our farmers and the Government. 
We were an agricultural leader in Asia back then and our Agricultural Scientists used to share their expertise in rice farming to other Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand.

I remember back in the late 80's when we used to play by throwing muds in the newly plowed rice field just after the harvest season; the time when rice farming was the major source of livelihood of most families in our town. Whenever we visit other barangays from the town center, we get to breathe in fresher air passing through the green field of newly planted rice during the planting season, while during dry season just before the harvest in March or April, the field turns into a beautiful golden brown grains of rice.

Those were the days when rice farming was a robust industry and highl…

Making Voices Heard

The official campaign period for the National midterm election seem to have started already, although it's very obvious to be a premature campaigning when we have seen political ads on television and posters on the streets since 2018.

In the coming May 13 election, we will again select and vote for the candidates who will serve our country and the people. We will be choosing our 12 Senatorial bets for the national post and electing our own officials from Provincial Governors down to Municipal Councilors.

It's a midterm election and several candidates are now sharing their political views and expertise to some of the issues confronting our nation. Several issues that are currently popular like drug war, extrajudicial killings, terrorism, medical marijuana, age of criminal responsibility, defense of territorial waters and revival of death penalty. 

We also have our long time issues such as poverty alleviation, graft and corruption, unemployment, drug addiction, crime prevention, po…

Vaccination Scare and Disease Outbreak

It was on February 6, 2019 that the Department of Health declared an outbreak of measles disease in the National Capital Region including regions in Luzon; Central Luzon and CALABARZON. Just a day after, it was declared that the outbreak expanded in the Visayas; Central, Eastern and Western Visayas.

The disease outbreak is just a year after the controversial Dengvaxia scare with several deaths of children linked with the Dengvaxia: a vaccine for Dengue.

Although it was not medically proven through studies and investigation by the Department of Health, still the Public Attorney's Office headed by its Chief, Persida Acosta defended the human rights of her clients when she insisted that it was indeed Dengvaxia vaccine caused the death of children who received it.
How the deadly controversy started
It was revealed late last year by Acosta  that the President himself ordered her office to pursue on filing a criminal complaint to several personalities of the past administration who are alle…