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Good Governance for a Better Philippines

Our nation, our beloved Philippines has been on the spotlight of controversies since the beginning of Duterte's presidency. We have become a global newsmaker due to negative events that took place in our society brought by governmental policies both national and foreign. 
We have been condemned by the international community due to our president's undiplomatic approach to governance and communications. We may be enjoying the attention gained, but we may also be suffering the consequences brought by the madness and impatience of our President to solve the social problems of our time; poverty, corruptions, crimes... 
What is wrong with our President's government policies? Is he just being misunderstood or he himself is confused and incapable of leading the nation of more than a hundred million people? How could our President exercise good governance by being undiplomatic, irrational and showing violent social behavior? 

Our people, the Filipino people de…