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Better Leaders for a Better Philippines

What is the state of the Philippine government? What can you say about our politicians? Whom are you going to vote for President on the May 2016 election? These are some of the questions I would normally ask my students and colleagues. They may seem to be not keen on the political topics, yet they are challenge by their beliefs and philosophies that guides them on their political stand.

The fact that the upcoming election is a showcase of influence and power, still they judge and make a final choice on their candidates based on several factors. The same situation for our fellow Filipinos who wanted to exercise their rights and responsibility to vote. They may be clueless and undecided and their thoughts remain unanswered, however in the end they will make up their minds and choose the ones that are capable and responsible.

Despite of the call for change in our government, there are still challenges that we keep on facing during the election time. We still have issues on graft and corrup…