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Resilience of the Filipino Spirit: A Year After Typhoon Yolanda

"Today, we remember the innocent lives that were lost, the cry for help, the desperate actions, but we also remember the unsung heroes who have sacrificed in helping our countrymen to start another chapter of their lives. We thank those who have shared their sympathy and delivered humanitarian services to our people. We are not alone and we are blessed by your kindness and generosity."

It was a year ago when the Philippines experienced one of the worst catastrophe ever experienced. Typhoon "Haiyan" with a local name"Yolanda" became the deadliest calamity that hit our land. Thousands of people risked their lives, however some were not lucky enough to survive. Several families lost their loved ones. They also lost their homes, properties and sources of living. It was perhaps  the most unforgettable and painful emotions ever felt by those people were greatly affected by the tragedy.

November 8, 2013 was the day when almost the entire Visayan region was severel…