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Resilience of the Filipino Spirit

"Filipinos all over the world are united as one and will continue to do so to be able to live a good life and the greatest life that we truly deserve."

The Philippines experienced another calamity that was considered as one of the strongest and deadliest typhoon in the world. The typhoon "Haiyan" or local name "Yolanda"  brought misery in the lives of the Filipinos affected by the devastation it has caused. In the Central Philippines where the typhoon hit, thousands of people were victims of this natural calamity that has extended to several regions in the Visayas Island. Some has survived while others have lost their lives. 
Weather disturbances of any type is common in the Philippines and the Filipino people learns to embrace this uncontrollable phenomena. It is there since several centuries back even before the talks about climate change has started. The effect of this would be massive destruction to property and the loss of lives. It happens and we are …